Monday, January 17, 2011

New Products~ Escutcheon Plates, Rosettes, and Wood Cabochons!

I'm excited to announce new products!

.•*:*• ♥Brass Rosettes♥.•*:*• 

.•*:*•♥ Mini Brass Hinges ♥.•*:*•

:*•.♥ Fancy Box Hinges♥.•*:*•
These would make awesome necklace components.

:*•.♥ Wood Cabochons♥.•*:*•

:*•.♥ Handmade Enamel Bracelet Connectors ♥.•*:*•

:*•.♥ Handmade Vintage Enamel Pendants ♥.•*:*
Four designs total, you can request custom items, see enamel cabochons size 12mm for designs

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  1. Wow, nice stuff! Your blog looks like it's off to a great start!

  2. Your so sweet, thank you! I was excited to see a comment. :)