Friday, November 11, 2011

My Best Shipping Supply Sources and Gilders Paste.

I've been thinking about sharing my shipping and other supply sources. I usually search high and low for the best possible  prices. If you have something that beats my prices including shipping price please share.

1. Best Bubble Mailers.  300, 4x8 for $34 and free shipping.
This Company also has other sizes for a great price. Super Fast shipping too!

2. Tiny Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes. 100,  2.5"x1.5" boxes, for $25 price includes shipping. 
Some of the boxes were dented, but excellent quality for the price and pretty fast shipping. Tax Id Number required. 

3. Gilders Paste. Small 1.5 ounce for $8.00 and Free Shipping. 
This website also sells inks for coloring brass and other metal materials. 

4. Create your own Shipping/Address Labels with Avery. Free Templates. Print at home or at Staples. (or wherever). It's really simple, and you can add you own graphics. 

5. Packaging Tape. Costco Store. 8 giant rolls for $20.