Friday, November 11, 2011

My Best Shipping Supply Sources and Gilders Paste.

I've been thinking about sharing my shipping and other supply sources. I usually search high and low for the best possible  prices. If you have something that beats my prices including shipping price please share.

1. Best Bubble Mailers.  300, 4x8 for $34 and free shipping.
This Company also has other sizes for a great price. Super Fast shipping too!

2. Tiny Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes. 100,  2.5"x1.5" boxes, for $25 price includes shipping. 
Some of the boxes were dented, but excellent quality for the price and pretty fast shipping. Tax Id Number required. 

3. Gilders Paste. Small 1.5 ounce for $8.00 and Free Shipping. 
This website also sells inks for coloring brass and other metal materials. 

4. Create your own Shipping/Address Labels with Avery. Free Templates. Print at home or at Staples. (or wherever). It's really simple, and you can add you own graphics. 

5. Packaging Tape. Costco Store. 8 giant rolls for $20. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Sacramento, California

Mom and I participated in the Occupy Protest!! Here we are in downtown Sacramento.

New Items at Weeds!

I started to add my new (vintage) items at Weeds!! 

Brass Rose Findings

 Brass Scroll Findings

 DIY Brass Ear Wires 

 Large Jump Rings Brass

 Oval Bezel Charms

 Filigree Bezel Studs DIY

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Clasps!

I love collecting treasures, especially vintage clasps. Over the years, I have a collected a fantastic lot of clasps, and I am now ready to sell these beauties. I just listed 11 clasps, I have 20 photographed and 10 more to do. Here's a sampling of what is already listed at My Etsy Shop.

Price ranges from $24-$3

Monday, October 10, 2011

What's New at

New Findings at Weeds

I've been listing vintage jewelry destash lots like a mad woman all week! I have about 30 more to add and then I have 40 vintage clasps to photograph and add as well. I'm trying to get everything up before the Christmas Craft Craze. Here are a few lots I have listed. 

PomPom Fabric Galore $5

Large Pendants $5-9

Tons of Charms $5

Maj Jongg Tiles

My Foreign Coin Charms Inspired Foreign Coin Medallions

Next Week:
  • Vintage Clasps (5 strand, Flowers, Victorian)
  • Large Twisted Brass jump rings
  • Flower brass stampings
  • Bezel Cups/Pendants 

Vintage Bead Yard Sale was Successful!

So, on my last post, I was trying to sell my vintage beads in one big lot. That didn't go over well, so I decided to sell all the beads at my yard sale. Which went over wonderfully! I made about $500 on selling my vintage beads. I highly recommend having a yard sale. Yes, I had other items too, some clothing and my highest priced item was a camera for $20, but the majority of money came from selling the beads. I've already started another pile for next years sale.

The findings like charms and such didn't sell as well as I thought. Next year, I'll spend less time on sorting findings and more time individual bead lots.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Products to be Listed this Week

 Owl Knob!

Shabby Chic Knobs

Vintage Hex Charms (Huge!)

More Destash Treasures

Saturday, January 22, 2011

20 lbs Vintage Beads for Sale

I'm Selling 20 lbs of vintage beads!!

$300 or best offer