Saturday, January 22, 2011

20 lbs Vintage Beads for Sale

I'm Selling 20 lbs of vintage beads!!

$300 or best offer

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vintage Buttons at Excellent Prices.

My Ma is selling  her stash of vintage buttons, zippers, & ribbon!
Check out her site at
130 listings!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Shipment Arriving This Week!

1950's Vintage Dutch Hex Enamel Flat Backs Arrive This Week
I have 12 different designs in sizes 10mm-30mm

♥Distelfink Bird:symbolizes good luck and happiness. The heart adds a measure of love and the tulips mean faith. 
♥Bird of Paradise: symbolizes the beauty, wonder and mystery of life.
Ten Pointed Star: symbolizes joy and posterity
♥Oak Leaf: symbolizes strength in body, mind and character
♥Black Unicorns: symbolizes peace and contentment
♥Blue Birds: symbolizes friendship and love
♥The Lucky Hex Star: symbolizes good luck, easy life, smooth sailing and good fortune in life
♥Luck of the Irish: symbolizes good luck, easy life, and good fortune
♥Hope: symbolizes faith, hope for the future, charity, and spiritual strength
♥Dutch Rosette: symbolizes good luck and success in love
♥Mother Earth: symbolizes Sun, Rain and Earth
♥Romance: symbolizes the love and romance in a relationship
Dutch Charms available too!


Monday, January 17, 2011

New Products~ Escutcheon Plates, Rosettes, and Wood Cabochons!

I'm excited to announce new products!

.•*:*• ♥Brass Rosettes♥.•*:*• 

.•*:*•♥ Mini Brass Hinges ♥.•*:*•

:*•.♥ Fancy Box Hinges♥.•*:*•
These would make awesome necklace components.

:*•.♥ Wood Cabochons♥.•*:*•

:*•.♥ Handmade Enamel Bracelet Connectors ♥.•*:*•

:*•.♥ Handmade Vintage Enamel Pendants ♥.•*:*
Four designs total, you can request custom items, see enamel cabochons size 12mm for designs

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